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The Digital Fundraising Makeover for Nonprofits
PDF guide for DonorPerfect

Out with the old, and in with the new. Cut out clutter to make room for campaigns that resonate best, and share your most impactful stories as motivation to join the cause. Welcome new donors with a series of engagement opportunities, and leverage digital fundraising tools to improve return-on-investment year over year.

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Your Data-Driven Donor Persona Checklist
PDF guide for DonorPerfect

It’s time to move on from the “Dear Friend” letter.

Understanding what motivates your donors - and speaking to who they are as people - inspires the close connection to your organization they crave. One way you can achieve this is to approach your communications like a marketing professional by creating personas for your donor community. 

This guide and printable checklist can help you do just that.


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The Benefit of People Counting on College Campuses
eBook for Traf-Sys

College campuses rely on information about traffic flow to influence their staffing and resources, not to mention justify their budget and expansion requests.


Inside this eBook, you'll learn to use people counting technology to increase the visibility of student traffic and building usage to make better use of available space, provide value to students, and save money on building needs.

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